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First Aid Kits & Cabinets

Our company products are an ideal choice for distributors and end users looking for industrial cabinets for first-aid products, industrial storage products related to first-aid devices, and small parts storage containers made of metal or industrial-strength plastic.

First Aid Storage Equipment

Our products consist of strong metal and plastic kits, cabinets, and cases for the packaging and industrial storage of a wide selection of first-aid products, devices, and supplies. These industrial cabinets and kits are designed for commercial and business usage as well as consumer use.

Durham Manufacturing's extensive line of polypropylene first-aid boxes are ideal for the small parts storage of first-aid items. Specially designed personal, consumer, snakebite, and multi-purpose units are available. The boxes are lightweight, easy to store, weather-resistant and will not rust or corrode. The boxes are coded by the industry; 10P, 16P, or 24P, with the number referring to the number of individually-wrapped units they can hold.

Our steel first-aid kit boxes are designed for commercial use and are perfect for offices, eating and drinking establishments, schools and universities, vehicles, and are also suitable for home. Available in a variety of sizes, these steel boxes feature a carrying handle and a pulldown catch to ensure the cover remains tightly closed; they can be mounted on the wall using hangers. The boxes are constructed with cold-rolled steel and have a white powder coating that is resistant to rust and corrosion.

Our line of plastic first-aid unit boxes is made from high-impact polystyrene (HIPS). The HIPS boxes feature hinges with brass pins, nylon catches, and cover gaskets. The boxes are capable of holding 6, 10, 16, 24, or 36 individually-wrapped units, according to the individual model number. The 16, 24, and 36-unit models include removable plastic dividers.

Durham's line of industrial metal first-aid cabinets includes an option of adjustable shelves or fixed shelves. Our models with adjustable shelves can easily be mounted on the wall using the keyholes that are included. The units with fixed shelves, designed with interlocking welding for added strength and stamina, have been manufactured with cold-rolled steel to ensure high quality as well as uniformity. All models include a white powder-coated finish that is resistant to rust and corrosion to ensure a long-lasting attractive look.

Plastic door pouches for various models of our first-aid cabinets are sold separately. Blue or green labels for our first-aid kits and cabinets are also sold separately.

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